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Sustaining Our Culture

There is nothing quite like enjoying that perfect cup of coffee. 

At Cafe Avion, we want to educate the public and those who pay attention to the source of the coffee they drink. Being a Fair Trade Company we want to create a relationship between the growers and consumers, which is why we offer a coffee tour at the Hacienda in Fredonia and now in Sierra Nevada. Experience first hand the life and struggle of coffee farm life and the process from a seed to your cup of coffee. Through our coffee and coffee tour you are supporting the sustainability of a higher quality product.

Produced in small coffee towns in the mountains of Antioquia-Fredonia, Colombia, and mountains of Sierra Nevada, both with breath taking views, we pride ourselves in the efforts of the country and all the individuals involved in cultivating our great brand giving it the Rainforest Alliance Certification for maintaining its soil and conserving the biodiversity of its rainforests.

Cafe Avion along with your support are changing and improving the lives of those individuals who fuel up our days by providing quality coffee at a great price. 

Please come pay us a visit!

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